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Andarakee Aarogyam, the online yoga hub started with the intention of building up a healthily happy society is a blessing to the innumerable ordinary people from all over the world. The founder of this great enterprise, Sri. R.R. Prasad Guruji is a great visionary who dreams of a society where health is a privilege for every a human being.


About R.R.Prasad

Born to a family of teachers, Prasad Guruji was greatly moved by the magical power of Yoga to heal all the named and unnamed worries of mankind. Unlike his peer, Guruji possessed a different perspective on all his approaches to mankind and health. This passion has inspired him to scrutinize the subject and he pursued master degrees in Sociology, Astronomy and Psychology. With the qualification that overlapped each other, Guruji formulated his theories that can serve to the society with unfathomable contributions in natural healing.

Being himself under the taglines of Psychologist, Yoga therapist, Astro & Numerologist, Guruji nurtured his experience in such a way that his knowledge could productively supplied to the public. He was gifted with the revelation that life is not simply about having a posh life with luxury car or a six digit salary. Far more than the material pleasures we can buy with money, there are things. Guruji always exhorted to his followers that happiness in life is all about physical, intellectual and mental health.

Relevance of Guriji’s Dream

While the modern Generetion gets trapped in the definition of health and happiness formulated by so called multinational corporate, Guriji advice’s them to lead a life respecting the self. This is time for us to know ourselves and each other. We need to scrutinize the relevance of our life inthis huge plant and realise its value. In a similar way, We should be willing to understand the complex life around us and make it worthy for us as well as our successors . Only then this society would become a place desirable to live in.

Contributions for a healthy society

Preasad Guriji has been working towards this dream from his very childhood . With the roots set deep down to experience of decades, Gurijihas started ‘Yoga Vidya Kendra’. He has been conducting innumerable yoga workshops all over the country and knowledge of yoga into families through television programmes. Many popular TV channels telecasts the yoga programmes of Guriji, there by extends the reach of his mission to ordinary people. Imparting the knowledge of yoga, he has succeeded in spreading happiness to more than one lakh people by the time. Beyond the yoga classes, his service for mankind is visible in the large number of medical camps, blood donation camps and clean and green camps conducted all over india. Guruji is generous always to give special attention to children , senior citizens, orphans and women.

Special services

With the great vision of building up a healthy generation, Prasad Guruji offers a special programme called ‘L’ Art of Parenting. This program is focused on giving a wonderful insight on parenting. Guruji gives adequate advices and classes on a systematic basis that helps the parent to bring up children from birth to make them unique citizens. This practice which extends from birth to the age of 6 of the kid will enable the parents to make their children good human beings. This makes a positive influence over the emotional, rational and physical qualities of children.

Vaidya Ratna award

Considering the contributions that have given to the field of Yoga and efforts that have made to popularize it, Guruji Prasad was honoured by awarding the ‘Vaidya Ratna’ of 2015 by Deputy Chief Minister & the Health Minister of Telangana, and state Home Minister Nayini Narsimha Reddy.

A new door to healthy society

Andarakee Aarogyam, the latest venture of Prasad Guruji is a milestone in his service saga. This website offers innumerable service such as weight loss yoga, general yoga, pregnant yoga, memory yoga, online yoga, home yoga, corporate yoga etc. With this, Guruji opens the door of yoga opportunities for people irrespective of class. His courses cover most of the human worries that was left unsolved due to the negligence over vedic richness. Andarakee Aarogyam is a platform that reminds people that yoga is an answer for problems like obesity, memory loss, pregnancy time worries, work tensions etc. This website also performs as a medium to access the wisdom and experience acquired by Guruji with decades of education and observation.

Andarakee Aarogyam – Vision

Andarakee Arogyam is a hub founded by eminent yoga master Guruji Sri. R R Prasad with an intention “Health for All” with excellence and magic of yoga to the society. A group of highly talented yoga teachers inspired by the wisdom and experience of Guruji joins their hands together in this new venture. Along with yoga services, this is also a social service attempt focused on building strong and humane individuals through which a powerful nation could be built. The social service includes medical camps, blood donation camps, clean city camps etc. The individual based services are focused on transforming the customers both physically and mentally through the knowledge and practice of yoga. The mental transformation implies the strengthening of inner self, development in emotional values and moulding of character. By means of proper diet knowledge (amruthaahar) conceived from the vedic yoga culture and regular physical exercise (asanaas) this can be achieved.

With these practices followed on strict discipline, every human being is promised with a health life as well as powerful character. Rather than making you a strong piece of flesh, Guruji dreams of a society that flourishes from the will power of good human beings. The practices will make you a better individual with good health, powerful attitude and happy family life. Andarakee Araogyam also gives special attention to physically and mentally retarded people by providing special services. We are responsible to make a healthy generation.