Sri.R.R.Prasad Yoga Garuji’s

Weight-Loss Yoga Program

Healthy Way to Loss your Overweight! Loss of 3-8kg in a Month! It is a Permanent Weightloss Solution!

R.R.Prasad Guruji

Benefits of Weight-Loss Yoga Program

Reduce 3-8kg Weight

You can reduce your weight up to 3-8 kg in 30 days of course!

Reduce Hyper-Tension

Get relief from Hyper-Tension and Cronic Disease.

Obesity & Thyroid

Get rid of obesity and thyroid issues in short.

Sri R. R. Prasad Garu

This passion has inspired him to scrutinize the subject and he pursued master’s degrees in Sociology, Astronomy, and Psychology. His Vast experience in yoga. 

About Program

The modern life style, full time sitting job, and fast food culture has affected our physical balance worse. Sitting in an office cabin for hours without having any physical exercise results in the accumulation of cholesterol and fat in the body. Similarly, the foods we take from fast food restaurants also play a vital role in this excessive accumulation of cholesterol and fat. This results in obesity that has now become a common matter of worry for most of us, especially youth. This prevents ones mobility and makes one a laughing stalk in the middle of a party or gathering.

Many private companies use to exploit this complex of common men and introduce products that are nor even scientific. They promote their product by making advertisement that exploits and hurts the feelings of people who are obese. Continuously watching this trend, we fall into the trap of these products. In addition, this creates a feeling in the public that obesity is an insult. People take all the treatments to get rid of obesity while the root cause remains unaltered.

Andarakee Aarogyam offers its customers a golden opportunity to get rid of the obesity worries you keep inside. We stats a weight lose yoga training in our Yoga training center Kukatpally and Krishna Nagar. The training programme includes different yoga practices like Ardha Chandrasana, Veerabhadrasana, Utkatasana etc helps to overcome obesity. These practices have got special movements that assure complete physical movement which burns accumulated fat in body. This helps you to balance and reduce the body weight and thereby makes you fit.

Take this right opportunity to overcome the worries based on obesity. Now you can register on or Yoga centers to get this training. We focus on the overall fitness of body by practicing exercises as well as diet.