Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy period requires good attention and care. It is proved that the mental and physical states of a mother equally affect her baby. Hence, pregnancy is the right time to start nourishing your baby with proper care and nutrition. There is a special branch of Yoga designed exclusively for pregnant women. This includes postures that improve blood circulations, respiration and muscle flexibility. Strictly controlled respiration gives a meditation effect that swifts your mental mobility. Pregnancy yoga will provide you with peace of mind that makes your baby a healthy kid.

The future of every country is highly depended on the outlooks of younger generations. They are responsible to make changes in such way that this society will become a heaven where people could live with mutual respect and love. But is this really an easy task to make a responsible and healthy generation? For that, we need a preparation that is even before their birth; i.e. from pregnancy on-wards.

We have a culture that treats conceiving as a noble and divine act and look after the pregnant woman with all the care. From the very knowledge of pregnancy, we provide a woman with proper rest, nutritious food, pleasure giving news and all. But is this all truly scientific or systematic? Do all of us have a proper idea about what exactly a pregnant woman needs? Are we providing them the food that really contains minerals or vitamins they need for the time? We should think about that if we look forward to a baby with perfect mental and physical health.

We have a rich tradition of Ayurveda and Yoga. Unfortunately, most of this knowledge has been lost during documentation and didn’t pass to the following generations properly due to the lack of literacy. Even the oral transmission of these knowledge was lost somewhere in the middle. These are the adversary factors we face when we have to approach a health problem with our natural resources. Hence we depend on allopathic medical science entirely which most often has failed to provide a treatment that assures zero side effects.

Still, we have the limited resources of traditional Ayurveda practitioners and Yoga gurus who gained knowledge from their predecessors who haven’t documented it anywhere. Prasad Guruji who has acquired the divine knowledge of Yoga with years of education offers the pregnant women a special course named pregnancy yoga. considering a period of time that needs extra care and proper diet, our yoga center Kukatpally and Yoga training in KPHB offers this course. This is a special course that is designed with Asanas, that assures physical movements which assures proper blood circulation and respiration which is inevitable and essential for a pregnant woman. Following this course will provide the person with a perfect mental and physical health that apparently would reflect in the fetus.

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