Memory Yoga

Living in this world of competitions stimulated by industrialization, all of us are expected to be maximum accurate like a computer to survive. We are often recognized for the excellence in education. While the society challenges us with complex mathematics or an unresolved accounts sheet, every one of us have to sharpen our skills so that we could survive in the competition of life. But for this, one should be intelligent with a sharp memory power.

Though there are different kind of practices to improve memory power, yoga is considered as the best. The capacity of brain and neurons can be improved by increasing the inhalation of oxygen. Yoga induces this oxygen intake by means of different physical exercise known as Aasanas. There are many Aasanas in yoga such as Paschimottanasana, Padmasana, sarvangasana, sukhasana etc. that enables the flexible movement of the whole body and there by maximum respiration. With the regular practice of these asanas, one could increase the oxygen intake and blood circulation and there by improve the brain power. This will help you to slowly improve the memory capacity. With perseverance in yoga practice, you could gain a sharpened memory and there by acquire success and fame in your field.

Yoga that has got no side effects is extremely preferable for students than the allopathic medicines. With the sharpened memory, a student could be bright and brilliant in his studies and become a successful man. Memory yoga is also prescribed for the youth and middle aged people for they are always in a competitive work atmosphere. When people are judged in a workspace for their memory power, hard work and leadership skills, yoga could be a blessing for them. This could perform as a memory inducer as well as a fat burner which is high demand of modern generation. Take a step to yoga, make your brain sharp.