Sri.R.R.Prasad Yoga Garuji’s

Inner Healing Program

Get rid of Stress, Depression, and Anxiety. Overcome COVID-19 and all Chronic diseases like Asthma, Arthritic pains, Epilepsy, BP, Paralysis, etc…

R.R.Prasad Guruji

Benefits of the Inner Healing Program

Get rid of Stress & Depression

Relieve from Stress & Depression which leads to a major life disorder.

Chronic Diseases

Get relief from Chronic diseases like asthma, BP, Paralysis, etc…

Overcome COVID-19

Overcome COVID-19 by increasing your Immune Power.

Sri R. R. Prasad Garuji

This passion has inspired him to scrutinize the subject and he pursued master’s degrees in Sociology, Astronomy, and Psychology. His Vast experience in yoga. 

Inner Healing Program


Increased Energy Levels that you can experience within a short period of time. 

Strength Building

You can experience energized version of yourself!

Stress Relief

Do much and more work in stress-free mode.

Relax & Refresh

Always keep your mind & body in refresh mode!

Beauty of Body

Add Colors and Glow to your beauty and fitness.

Mind & Soul

Gain more peace in your life and make your mind and soul happy.

About Inner Healing Program

Everybody has ideas. Everybody wants to lead a happy, peaceful, and successful life. If one wants to achieve one’s life goals, one has to realize and bring out one’s inner power. Inner Healing Program is such a program that can pave the correct path for getting acquainted with one’s inner power. Through this one can see a substantial change in health, experience great strength, and always dwells in peace and equanimity. Inner Healing Program gives one the courage to face the ordeals of life by activating the hidden inner power and enables one to be the boss of one’s own life. Instead of running away from the problems and worries of life, one can start facing them with all stability in life. Yoga means to reach the higher strata of life, Spiritually. This course helps to realize the inner power which in turn helps one to be strong physically as well as mentally just in 14 days.

“It is a culture the lapsy out olive in hap purposeful life”.


This is a process of controlling breath so that the prana is supplied to the entire body equally, making the body very active. In this process, the body receives enormous energy and strength. In general respiration, the full capacity of the lungs is not put to use. A mere 20% is utilized. During Pranayama the body is filled with prana or energy, making the body light and vitally strong. This results in controlling ailments like headaches and other complaints in a short time.


There is no doubt to accept that the re-exists a very close relationship between the body and mind. Many diseases are psychosomatic in nature. The thought waves create a lot of pressure on the body as well as on the mind. This can lead to a lot of disorders and ailments in the body. This condition can be controlled by meditation. So, meditation can bring both the body and mind to a balanced or stable status. When the body is at rest in meditation, the mind is also set at rest. In such a condition the right side of the brain begins to work, which is the site for Spirituality. Meditation provides complete relaxation to the body and the mind which is four folds more than the rest and relaxation one experiences in deep sleep. As a result, tiresomeness is reduced and body fatigue is removed and makes the body and the mind very active and give proper balance of mind. Meditation has to be performed mind. Mediation has to be performed thrice a day, i.e. In the Morning, Afternoon and in the Evening for about 15 minutes each time. During Meditation, one needs not to be separated one self from others, i.e. no privacy or isolation is needed for meditation. Meditation can even be done in the office. “Meditation cleans all maligns from the body.”


These are the exercises done to strengthen the body. They provide maximum flexibility to the body parts. Even all the vital organs are provided with good energy. As a result, the entire body is strengthened and energized from the inside out. Along with yogasanas if one can observe good food habits, one can live with health, happiness, and peace. Inner Healing Program helps to get relief from all chronic diseases like asthma, arthritic pains, epilepsy, B.P, paralysis, etc. Many people have been relieved from chronic diseases by practicing the Inner Healing Program.