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We look forward into a society where health is a privilege of every human being. For the success of this mission, Andarakee Aaarogyam volunteers with our online yoga webpage. This internet space is a place for everyone to feel the magic of yoga. Yoga is a system of exercises that combines stylized poses with deep breathing and meditation for physical and mental well-being. The exercises in yoga are called ‘Asanas’. The practice of yoga does not just follow an exercise program but also seeks to create balance in life through the proper diet and rest, meditation, and cultivate positive thought and action. The result of this discipline is optimum health and well being that encompasses things such as wisdom, creativity and peace within one’s self and the world. The result of this order is ideal wellbeing and prosperity that encompasses things like creativity, imagination and peace inside one’s self and the world

As a traditional practice that has gained immense relevance in the modern world, Andarakee Aarogyam crosses all the aspects of yoga and opens its door to the public. We welcome you with our wide range of services via online. Our website ensures that anybody could learn and experience the magical power of yoga following us. This is an opportunity to go through the different practices in yoga. We will be serving you 24×7 to make your effort a success. Our wide variety of programs include online yoga training, video collections, yoga tips, diet planning etc. All these services are focused on the mental and physical transformation of every customer. Online yoga enables you to practice it in your drawing room itself and saves your precious time.

Our courses extend to a number of varieties that covers all kind of people and all the common health problems. We have special course on weight loss that gives a new hope for people suffering from the insult of obesity. This course offers with a variety of physical exercises-asanas- and diet to make your body fit.  Our pregnant yoga program focuses on the mental and physical preparation of pregnant women. This provides them a right time to involve into yoga practice that makes them stress free and mentally strong. Following pregnant yoga will make the pregnant woman prepared for a safe delivery which of course promises a healthy baby. We have a stress free yoga program intended to help everyone who is suffering from the stress of works, business, education, family problems etc. this covers people from all categories. Another important course we offer is memory yoga. People who live in technological advancement face severe memory lose. This in turn affects their work or studies. This course is a blessing for all those people who suffer from memory lose.

Guruji Sri R.R.Prasad has started the “Andarakee Aarogyam” with the noble aim – Health for All and offering Yoga, Meditation, Numerology, Psychology, PranaYama, Pranic Food, Astrology and Ayurveda. Our yoga training centers running in KPHB offers these services for our dear customers. Get the best benefits of this opportunity by registering our course on the yoga training center.