Ayurveda Service

Ayurveda is one of the greatest contributions that India has ever given to the world. It is one of the divine blessing that vedic period has transferred through generations to cure deceases and make sustain the health of human beings. Civilisations had passed over the tradition of Ayurveda which is an exclusively Indian medical practice has its products absolutely natural and effective. With the significant development of Ayurveda during vedic period, its practitioners discovered a large number of plants that could show miraculous medical property to heal deceases.

Unfortunately, we Indians seldom respect this medical branch that could perform miracles in our life. All of us run behind the allopathy medicines that in turn cause other deceases and adversely affect human immunity system. Most of the medicine production companies are taking benefit of the health insecurities of people to increase their production which also results in the incoming of new deceases. Besides, the side effects caused by English medicines are also clear by the time. But, we are unfortunately in a habit of gulping Paracetamol or Avil or Dolo when a small ever shows up.

This trend has seriously affected the immunity as well as life span of our people. It is quite sad that most of our youngsters are physically weak and many of them die out contagious deceases. In this context, the retrival of our own treatment method, Ayurveda is inevitable. As a treatment method entirely relaying on natural substances, it has got no side effects. We offer our customers an opportunity to access Ayurveda treatment through Andarakee Arogyam. We provide you with the expert Ayurveda doctors as well as traditional treatment methods such as Dhara, Nasya etc. This is from our realisation that Yoga and Ayurveda are two overlapping Indian health care methods that cannot be neglected. Come and experience the healing power of nature.