Pranic Food Service

Being engaged to a busy life that demands swift mobility, we often run behind material aspects and often forget what we really need. We lead a struggling life in spite of food and sleep to gain fame and secure financial stability. But what do we really gain unless we have mental happiness and physical strength? Yoga is intended to achieve both these by means of proper and regular practice considering different aspects of health. What do we really need to maintain proper health? Mere exercise?  No your instructor could promise you good health by only practicing Aasanas unless you follow a proper diet. The proper diet doesn’t simply mean eating food regularly on time. It’s about eating appropriate food regularly on time.

As a result of our change in life style due to the influence of industrial and technological advancement, we scarcely give importance to the quality of our food. Our generation is either fascinated by the junk food or forced to eat fast food due to lack of time. How many of us think about what these pizza or lays is made of? How many of us are concerned about the poisonous oil used to make puri or paratha in a fast food restaurant? It is in this context that Prana food service of Andarakee Arogyam comes relevant.

According to Yoga, food is categorized into three

  • Positive Pranic food
  • Negative Pranic Food
  • Zero Pranic Food

Positive pranic foods are substances that increases energy of body on consumption while negative pranic food take away the energy. Zero pranic food neither adds nor takes away energy. We give our dear customers all the necessary advices regarding the diet to be followed to become a healthy person. Eat the Positive Pranic Food food and make yourself healthy.