Numerology Service

Numbers can be identified as symbols. Numerology studies this symbolism of numbers and uses this analysis to determine an individual’s personality, quality, talent, flaw and inner needs, passionate responses and methods for managing others. Whether you utilize numerology to inspect your life, exploit unexplored open doors, affirm your gifts or basically make sense of where to go next, numerology can be an infiltrating device that helps you comprehend yourself and friends and family better. Numerology exhibits the entire picture, uncovering all the different parts of your identity and how they meet up to make the individual you are. With this complete perspective, you have the capacity take advantage of your qualities.

Every object in the universe vibrates in a specific frequency. By analyzing this frequency, we can identify the quality and energy of any object that connected with it. By applying the standards of numerology –you can have a fine inspection of yourself and people around you. Applying these strategies into the numerological aspects of your life, you can improve your confidence as well as relief of life. Whether it be the name of your nephew, registration number of your car or your flat floor, sometimes a simple digit can adversely affect your life. Andarakee Aarogyam stays alert to give you advice on these numbers of the critical moments of your life. Join us and enjoy a very pleasant life that is lightened with the power of numerology.